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Snow in Storm [entries|friends|calendar]
John Stormcrow

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DISCLAIMER [04 Apr 2024|03:08pm]


and as such there will in fact be topics discussed that some people of some faiths may not agree with. I do not tell you what to do with your saturday night, please do not tell me.
Some of the content contained herein is/was/will be of an adult nature. If you are not of an age in your state/country to consent to reading adult material, please go elsewhere.

If you would like to contact me or wish a moral discussion about my saturday nights, my website contains all of my contact info.

Without further bullshit, read on.

Write-up! [02 Aug 2004|03:42am]
[ mood | awake ]


Did some math.

days x hours x quarter hours

  first week   +   second week
( 7 * 24 * 4 ) + ( 6 * 24 * 4 )
( 7 *   96   ) + ( 6 *   96   )
          672  +  576

if lissa is ok with this math, I want to perpetually pump manitou/wendigo/guardian (if she is still around) with 1248 gnosis over the next two weeks.

I am planning on having a sleep/hunger fast for visions sometime right before the next game.

I want there to be a blizzard in the Caern while all of this is going on.

Basically all I need from lissa is what visions my character gets.

if moose goes elsewhere, I want to keep the Uktena tribal advantage... how much does it cost?

(other characters)

If anyone wants to learn from the Adren COG Ahroun... have them Email me.

I would like to know what happens with Bob while at 9 walls. Berardi seems to think that Bob will be killed by David's the Wendi-Lord army. I would like to know who controlls this army... I would like to have some nararration on what Bob finds there... I would like for Bob to go on a quest for the Ragabash Legend who used to run the shit at 9 walls.
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Write-up and notes. [19 Jul 2004|02:16pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

(ooc type=write-up)
Snow-in-Storm leaves the sept in the very capable hands of (name here). He leaves the cubs in the hands of Adonis & Seline's Tears. He leaves the car to ***** until he returns.

Having taken care of all of his responsibilities, Snow-in-Storm Takes off for the Arctic Circle in search of answers to his questions...

Is Grandfather Wendigo really dead? Is Grandfather Thunder of the Wyrm? Is David the one to spark the Apocalypse? What does Snow-in-Storm need to accomplish to become an adult in the Garou Nation?

(ooc type=data-entry)
At the very least, 'lissa... Send my the big GV file o' Rev so that I may start to input the 3 new characters?

(ooc type=narrarator)
if lissa gives me free reign with it, I can run brya's rite-o-passage whenever you and I can hook up kristi.

(ooc type=xp-spends)
spend 1xp on melee

[finalization on item]
Item Card.
Type: Weapon
Description: Modified Nautical Spear
3 section spear used to hunt whales, sharks, and other large fishies. Handle added close to the top and bottom with hand guards. Hispo handle along with spare blade added to middle.
Traits: +3
Damage: 3 lethal
Negs: Clumbsy, Heavy
Conceal: Trenchcoat


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Write-Up [06 Jul 2004|02:57am]
[ mood | pleased ]


A lot of energy will be focused on finding out why Josh cannot claim a tribe.

it is obvious that fenris has ties to him.

fenris last game made a deal with snow in storm to force stormcrow to release the "secret of the shadowlords" or something... basically wanting stormcrow to admit that thunder is tainted.

for 3 days, snow in storm will be feeding a lot of the rats in the city... but more specifically... a few rat spirit's specific kids.. this is an homage and a chiminage for information collected from rat.

snow in storm has learned that josh has undergone his right of passage...

the scene in which camo and spider are either used or released needs to be run or just fizzled officially.

homage will be paid to the spirit of "Lincoln Town Car" over the next few weeks. a lincoln town car will be built of two dragged from a junkyard... and another car will be obtained for {character's name} to make go.

seline's tears and snow in storm will be den parents and do den parentish things...


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[11 May 2004|02:04am]
cub do man things...

try later teach cub...

(OOC: repeat as necessary... lol)
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Scenes to be run. / teaching the newbies... [28 Apr 2004|04:34am]
[ mood | indifferent ]


Need to have 'lissa run scenes with me.

Lettuce sea if I can remember them all...

naming: already moot and done anyway.
spirits: What is done with the camo and spider spirits that are following him
galliard: spike is a galliard right? did she offer to help him with the telling of his story?
camp: He is thinking of finding a camp or some form of secret society... tee hee... he seeks out a shadow lord sept...

he is prolly going to be showing the cubs around... I forget... is in game the only way to gain renown?
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